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Proud to serve you

Founded in November 2020, Jumbo Seafood celebrates with the most desirable gastronomy of Chinese cuisine. We feature daily yum cha and Chinese dining favourites. 

Our renowned head chef, formerly the chef of East Ocean in Sydney’s Chinatown brings you luxury and indulgent dining to tantalise your taste buds at affordable prices in a stylish and comfortable space.  

Besides our main dining area, we also feature a private dining room with a karaoke system in English and Chinese. The room can cater up to 40 persons for a sit down dinner. Perfect for special occasions! Our space can cater for all occasions from weddings and various functions.

Jordan Wu


"Jumbo Seafood Restaurant, the home to extravagant dining introducing modern Cantonese Cuisines."

Experienced restaurateur Jordan Wu brings authentic recipes to Jumbo Seafood Restaurant as this menu promises to excite not only the palate but provide an absolute feast for the eyes too!


Showcasing our pretty and meticulously crafted classic and unique dim sums that pleases even the most sophisticated palates. Not only is it mouth watering comfort food, it’s also a feast for the eyes.


The art of yum cha involves drinking tea whilst savouring dim sum dishes & engaging in conversations to enhance your day.


Dim sums are a traditional form of comfort food amongst the Chinese & perfect for family and social gatherings. There’s something to please everyone.

Yum Cha is available daily for brunch & lunch. 

Lobster Sashimi & Stir Fried Lobster

With our Lobster, we offer a variety of ways to be served from sashimi, salt and pepper, ginger and shallots and more. Serving you a mouth watering lobster feast ensuring freshness from our personal seafood tank. Are you ready for this culinary sensation?

Seafood Cuisines

Jumbo Seafood Restaurant is set to tantalise the taste buds with an unrivalled Asian dining experience. Specialising in seafood with an array of live options such as lobsters, coral trout, barramundi, crabs and abalone.